Free Soil is a different political party, not in any typical category. This is a party for equal opportunity and fair competition, for defending the endangered, linking ecology, free enterprise, civil liberties, independent thought, such things capitalism as practiced finds a nuisance. The economy is warped, its regulations riddled with loopholes. Free Soil proposes another definition of free enterprise, valuing resources taken for granted in proportion to their real value. Usual ways of doing business and politics cannot be sound or credible, except to those true believers the party faithful, as these articles demonstrate.

The author infrequently posts on other weblogs and bulletin boards, primarily allied sites where women discuss issues relevant to feminist revolution, such as the blog and bulletin board of our Presidential candidate, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff. This is her platform blog, and her home site is The Free Soil Party Blog has exclusive articles, such as the popular Why Women Are Revolting, with an extensive section of my commentary on selected news stories, over 400 since the blog opened in January 2007. A few entries have comments, though comments are open on nearly everything, if the commenter has something to say. All comments must pass moderation, but only complete nonsense will be automatically rejected. For more details read About Aletha and this blog . Here is a wide open free for all message board. If you are sick of politics as usual, check out our Candidate Announcements, and Register Your Protest! so they can get on the ballot!

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