Randi Rhodes Rants on Starting a Third Party After Election

I note this because I catch part of her show and have been posting off and on at her forum about feminist revolution. I doubt she paid any attention, while the posters mostly seem to think I am too fringe to worry about. However, she is invited to join Free Soil, as any rebellious woman who wants to make noise, rock the boat, change the way politics, commerce, relationships operate in this world. That is intentionally vague, but I think most women will understand, especially if they know anything about Free Soil. Men can tag along as well, if they are sincere about wanting to help. Heart has put up her platform, as a work in progress, here.

Not to rain on the parade of this budding Randi Rhodes Party in the making, but she should know what it would mean to work outside the system. Once her upstart party gets any attention the Democratic Party will do whatever it takes to smash down the threat. This is a given. Shudder to imagine what they will say about surrendering the war on terror if her party goes too far toward renouncing war. The only reason it has not happened to Free Soil is because Free Soil has gone unnoticed, under the radar as a threat, so far. Ace in the hole? There will be more surprises than just what is new in the platform. Free Soil invites such an attack, which could only help get our message out. Is this new party a way to save the Democratic Party, or will it only destroy it? That may be in the eye of the beholder. The party regulars may take down any such rebellion as the party as they know it collapses. They may try and fail. Will there be anything left to save after the kitchen sink strategy plays out?

Where else would the rank and file of the Democratic Party go once they realize the party people do not represent their best interests? Women might go to a party dedicated to representing the interests of women, once they decide the Democratic Party is hopeless. Many might think there is no hope but to work within the system. I think Randi Rhodes might relent, since the pressure to try to reform the system from within is so strong. That pressure means less to me, being outside the system by intention, than being dismissed as fringe. Why that may be, I would like to know. My ideas are outside the mainstream because I am an innovative feminist philosopher, what else could one expect? I think they are better than anything in the mainstream, knowing so do a million other people, so why should anyone pay attention to me or Heart? Is it that, or are our ideas really so outlandish? Possibly anyone who reads enough could see we did our homework, that women can construct a new, more practical way of relating not burdened by male assumptions or limitations.

I wish this new party luck in saving the Democratic Party. As rare as it is for me to agree with party faithful, I have to expect any such effort could only succeed in destroying the party, inflaming the self-destructive feeding frenzy escalating with last-ditch desperation tactics of the Clintons. A rebellion needs a radical vision to change anything of significance. Nothing significant will be changed by a halfhearted rebellion that only means to split or take back a party so many reluctantly swallow as the lesser of two evils. The rebels are free to try defining a new party however they choose. That field is wide open, most attempts not worth mentioning or ravings of lunatics. Randi Rhodes is not a lunatic, and might create a big problem for the party before she intends to. Though she has gotten plenty mad at the party people in the past, I did not expect her to so emphatically threaten to abandon the party. I have invited her to interview Heart a few times, at her forum, not expecting a response, but I had to try. She has her own ideas, and it would make sense for her to try to orchestrate a new party herself. It is possible she will notice Free Soil someday soon, but she likely will soon fall back in line, to concentrate on getting Obama elected.

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  1. Aletha Says:

    Air America suspended Randi Rhodes yesterday, for her abusive language at a listener meetup event in San Francisco March 22, sponsored by the local affiliate. During her stand-up routine, referring to the Geraldine Ferraro remarks about Obama being where he is because he is black, she said Ferraro turned out to be the David Duke in drag. Then she elaborated, as quoted at the Huffington Post

    “What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is! She’s such a fucking whore!” She then proceeded to say, “Hillary is a big fucking whore, too” to a mixed audience reaction. “You know why she’s a big fucking whore? Because her deal is always, ‘Read the fine print, asshole!'”

    I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, and found the comments made by Ferraro appalling and embarrassing. It is also true Ms. Rhodes did not make these remarks on the air, so Ferraro comparing her to Imus is stretched. She was interviewed on Hannity and Colmes about this incident, worrying about a YouTube video that has already been yanked for copyright infringement. People do say all kinds of obnoxious things trying to be funny. However, no matter how angry Ms. Rhodes may be at Ms. Clinton and Ms. Ferraro, this is going too far, over the top, uncalled for. If she had substituted sellout for whore, I would not take issue with the remarks, though I also consider Obama a sellout, for slightly different reasons. I suppose that was her meaning, but she knows how charged the word whore is, and how much sexist crap has been thrown at Clinton.

    Randi Rhodes was in the Air Force. No doubt she can sling the salty language like any man. She had also been in a harrowing traffic accident two days before, apparently had not had much sleep, and was probably a bit tipsy. There may be reasons to cut her some slack, but the point is, she knows better. She also knows this kind of controversy could be used against Obama. What got into her? Was she trying to show how macho she can be?

    I find this all very sad. Randi Rhodes often gets fired up, ranting very passionately and incisively. She can be music to my ears, such as when she threatened to start a new party. Lately she has been hard for me to listen to, consumed by Obama fever. I think she ought to apologize, though I would find it hard to dispute what I think she meant to say. The word whore has many meanings, but when denouncing a female politician, more precise language would be more appropriate. Regardless, if Air America decides to make the suspension permanent, I will miss her voice.

  2. Aletha Says:

    I spoke too soon. Thanks to Hammerhead at the Randi Rhodes forum for this link to a video. Her act is less than fifteen minutes, an attempt at crude political humor which was largely cheered. I do not think Air America has any grounds to suspend her, but I did propose on her forum that she apologize, even if only to turn around the incident on the Clintons trying to destroy her by spelling out what she meant by that.

  3. Aletha Says:

    The Randi Rhodes forum is temporarily off line, as Air America reels from the blow of her dumping them in favor of Nova M. Evidently Air America management is known to be partial to Hillary Clinton. Air America will likely not recover from losing its biggest star, but the more interesting question to me is, will the Democratic Party recover from this ever more acrimonious primary battle? Already twenty to thirty percent of Democrats are saying they will vote for John McCain if their favored candidate does not get the nomination.

  4. Aletha Says:

    Randi Rhodes was back on the air today, on most of her stations. She said this was all about Air America wanting to change her contract so they could fire her! She had offered to apologize, asking whom she should apologize to and in what form, only to get no answer except that she would not get back her microphone until she agreed to change her contract! She did not exactly say this, but to me, this sounds like Air America was blackmailing her. If she agreed to this change in her contract, Air America would have some leverage on her to restrain her from bashing Hillary Clinton too severely, since they could threaten to fire her if she did not tone down the rhetoric. As Randi told them over and over, what part of NO did they not understand? Air America even tried bribing her by offering her a raise, if she would allow this change in her contract! Air America retaliated against her refusal by making a stink over her comedy act, but that was pure theater. They did not care whether she apologized, they chose that as another means to pressure her into changing the contract. This spiteful nonsense of shutting down her message boards, which she legally owns, was just sour grapes. NovaM has already stated they will put her board back up soon. Air America may be sued over all this, but there may not be any funds for Randi to recover.

  5. Aletha Says:

    The Randi Rhodes site is still down; Randi says she is still looking for it. What Air America hoped to gain by that stunt is a complete mystery to me.

    Randi mentioned today and yesterday that in light of what has happened to her, she does not know if the Democratic Party is her party. If she opens her mind a bit more, to see that the reason the Obama and Clinton policies are so similar is because they are both inextricably bound up in politics as usual, however fiercely and often Obama tries to deny that, Randi will conclude definitively it is not her party. I think she knows that already, but old habits die hard, and the pressure to work within the system is hard to defy. For me, it is not hard at all, but that is because I have never felt any tie with mainstream politics. Randi has been part of that all along, apparently only lately wondering what her feeling of disillusion is telling her.

    I half expected Clinton to bring up what Randi called her in the debate tonight, but that did not happen. I wonder what Obama would say. Would he distance himself like he did from his controversial pastor? Would he feel he had any choice? Would Randi Rhodes understand and forgive him if he felt compelled to denounce her? It could still happen; John McCain might try to make hay of it. Sean Hannity and his pals already have, but Obama can afford to ignore them.

  6. Aletha Says:

    Nova M has promised to bring back the message boards soon, but it appears the backup is mostly unusable, so Air America may have succeeded in its vile attempt to shut down that board. Speculation is still circulating that the Clintons exerted pressure on Air America. The board had become highly critical of Hillary Clinton. Combine that with the comedy routine, and clearly the Clintons had motive to silence Randi Rhodes and her fans, to whatever extent they could. Presumably they did not foresee the loyalty of the affiliates to her, allowing her to jump ship to Nova M. Next week she will also be back on XM satellite radio.

    She has not let the matter of her estrangement from the Democratic Party drop, despite her enthusiasm for Barack Obama. This may be the last election that party has a chance to win, especially since it would inherit such a mess. She is far from the only fan of Obama expressing disgust with the party leadership. I find it odd that these fans expect a Democratic landslide in spite of their own unhappiness with the party leadership, but they seem to figure that the competition is so weak, no other outcome is possible. It is foolhardy for Democrats to underestimate a determined enemy, especially when so many factors are undermining both parties, both roundly and deservedly distrusted by a sizable and growing majority.

  7. Aletha Says:

    Ms. Rhodes further disillusioned me today. She mentioned Larry Flynt interviewing her yesterday, then said she loves porn. In the stand-up routine that Air America tried to use to blackmail her, she also said that, but in the context of that comedy routine, I thought she was joking. She was not. I am not sure what kind of porn she loves, but if she has no problem with giving Larry Flynt an interview, I shudder to imagine. She said her ex-husband introduced her to that genre, and had previously given Maxim an interview.

    I found a thread on her forum about this, Randi Loves Porn!, with much joviality, joking, and one seriously outraged comment, so I made one of my own. Ironically, the first topic I ventured to comment upon on the disappeared Randi Rhodes message board was about some photoshopped image picturing Larry Flynt and Cindy Sheehan in a POLITICAL ALLIANCE. The image was removed, but the thread lasted for awhile, me debating porn and the machinations of Mr. Flynt with liberals who never bothered to inform me which side Ms. Rhodes was on, though her proclivity was allegedly old news to them.

    Randi Rhodes has now gone beyond the point of driving me bananas with her infatuation with Obama. I wish her luck with her new party, if she does get around to starting one. I want no part of it. If she makes some kind of sharp distinction between the porn she loves and, say, gonzo porn, I may reconsider. I doubt it, since as I observed in my protest, I might be able to countenance Randi being pro-Zionist, or pro-porn, or pro the (real) war on terror, or infatuated with Obama, but not all of the above. Yet she laments, feminists should support her. I cannot, not any more. I have been naive and too forgiving.

    A poster on the thread over there has informed me, “her preference in porn is Japanese light bondage.” It could be worse.

  8. Aletha Says:

    Randi Rhodes posted this on her forum this morning, calling for Democrats to fall in line, anticipating Obama wrapping up the nomination today.

    It’s time to become DEMOCRATS again.

    Are you READY? I’m counting on it.

    National matchups between McCain and Obama has Obama beating grandpa (mostly) and this without our party being truly unified. WITH a UNIFIED DEMOCRATIC PARTY there is no stopping us.

    There is no stopping a unified Democratic Party that stands for nothing; will escalate the war on terror, most likely targeting Pakistan and Afghanistan while keeping enough troops in Iraq to defend the Green Zone, prolonging the war there indefinitely; will build new nuclear power plants; will accelerate the destruction of biodiversity by encouraging the takeover of agriculture by biotechnology and ethanol production; will do virtually nothing to slow down global warming or deforestation; will take women for granted, offering the usual empty promises along with dire predictions about McCain appointments to the courts; will do virtually nothing about the crisis developing in health care and the health of the planet…?

    Sorry to throw water on your parade, Randi Rhodes, but your party will not be unified and it will be stopped. Sooner or later, politics as usual will come to an end, because people will demand real change. Women are revolting. Hillary Clinton represented politics as usual, so she lost to the candidate promising change. When people realize how hollow that promise is, the Democratic Party will be history.

  9. Aletha Says:

    I posted this today at the Randi Rhodes Message Board

    Randi talked about the debt of gratitude owed to Lara Logan, George Carlin, and Larry Flynt. Strange juxtaposition, that. I would not quarrel about the first two, but Larry Flynt is due no gratitude from me. It is touching that Randi sticks up for her friends, but nobody can tell me who my friends should be. If that last phrase sounds familiar, it should, since it is paraphrased from Randi. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Larry Flynt is a perfect example. Perhaps someone could explain precisely for what I might owe Mr. Flynt a debt of gratitude.

    Lara Logan is a courageous reporter doing a dangerous job, trying to report the real scoop from Iraq. George Carlin was an extraordinary political satirist. Larry Flynt is nowhere near in the same league. He can claim to be a great fighter for free speech all he wants, but I think he belongs in a league with his friends Max Hardcore and Chester the Molester, breaking down the barriers to ever more demeaning portrayals of women as sex objects. Wake up and smell the coffee, Randi; Flynt is using you to shore up his own credibility.

  10. Aletha Says:

    Today Randi Rhodes drew an analogy between differences I think was meant to be funny. Commenting on the John Edwards affair, she said the difference between Democratic and Republican sex scandals was like the difference between erotica and pornography. I am glad to hear she recognizes some distinction, though seeing as she seems rather friendly with Larry Flynt, where she draws the line seems rather distant from where I would draw it.

  11. Aletha Says:

    I posted a poll over there about my new article, A Case Against Obama Nation. There were four votes, so I just decided to vote myself. Three of the four think I write right wing propaganda, so I wondered if I should tip off McCain. Nobody with the nerve yet to respond to my challenge to defend your champion, though the other voter seemed to appreciate my post. I expect to be ignored over there, though occasionally I may have struck a nerve.

  12. Aletha Says:

    Today Randi Rhodes had some choice words to describe Governor Palin. Ms. Rhodes often refers to herself as a chick or girl, so perhaps that was not so bad, but she had to toss in bitch and breeder? What is wrong with this picture, a popular liberal woman talk show host doing her best to paint the Republicans as a disaster for women, using blatantly sexist language instead of sticking to the issues? Way to turn off this feminist already sickened by the sexism exhibited by the Obama camp, Randi Rhodes. Way to go.

  13. Aletha Says:

    Those who doubt Governor Palin is the subject of sexist attacks should read some of this thread I started to protest, Name Calling: Does it help your cause?. What Ms. Rhodes said was tame, compared to the revelry in sexism on that thread. One commenter wondered why there was a double standard, since racist remarks are grounds for banning, but sexism, hey, no problem. I warned them they risked turning off supporters of Senator Clinton, and that if they could not stick to the issues, they deserve to lose. Most who bothered to respond found my argument humorous, or right-wing propaganda.

  14. Aletha Says:

    Randi Rhodes interviewed Jesse Johnson of the Mountain Party today, after hearing him in the debate for Senator from West Virginia, which in her opinion he won hands down. She said she wanted to join his party! Randi cannot seem to make up her mind whether she likes the Democratic Party or not. Sometimes she talks about her problems with the party, other times she speaks of Democrats as “we.” Perhaps there is hope for her yet. Mr. Johnson sounded somewhat like a Green. He has been agitating on behalf of that Mountain Party for years.

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