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This is the Free Soil Party blog. Posts unless otherwise specified are written by myself, Aletha, co-founder, dreamer, feminist revolutionary political philosopher. Heart, a contemporary feminist revolutionary dreamer veteran of feminist bulletin boards, with her own blog, life experiences, and perspectives, here as co-administrator and first announced candidate, running for President, may also post, and perhaps other guest writers. The purpose of this blog is free discussion of things relating to feminist revolution. The party was revived by my circle of friends, aka consciousness raising group, in 1977, when we were teen feminist rebels. Its past was of interest as a party to abolish slavery. White women were also legally slaves in those days. Men generally have attached some sense of property to relationship partners. Marriage ceremonies traditionally have included the bride vowing to obey the groom. Some women still believe this is proper, duty of a wife. Some women, including myself, view women selling their sexuality to survive as sex slaves. Others may call them sex workers, but few would keep on renting their bodies for such degradation if they believed they had a reasonable alternative, a way out of that life. There are ways to portray women artistically. The boundaries of artistic expression may be difficult to define, but sexual slavery is not remotely about free expression or informed consent. When a woman wants sex, it is not a commodity, so she will not want money or abuse for her pleasure. Beauty contests are emblematic of how this culture makes beauty a commodity, a standard of value to waste the time, energy, and health of women. I object to women displayed like meat for the devouring gaze of men. Female sexuality is not property to be possessed by men, or rented out for male pleasure.

I also strongly believe other creatures get no respect from this culture where I live and am forced to participate as best I can. I am a thoroughgoing rebel and skeptic, unlikely to believe anything coming from conventional wisdom. My central issue is fair representation for women, but many issues also disturb my attention. I see many linkages others may deny. For them, they may be right, or they might just be in denial, hoping this mess the world is now coping with has nothing to do with how men see things. Connections are important, so if I make connections a reader does not see, discussing that might be of interest. I make mistakes like anybody else.

I am no Marxist, though some may call me socialist because I think the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means something, like the purpose of government to secure? I am not easily categorized, skeptical of all isms and belief systems. I do not consider my views extreme or impractical. On the contrary. I do not hate men. My intimate partners have been male. I can recognize great variation among men as well as women. Men have had a few good ideas, but some really bad ones for me and other living things. One of the worst is getting the right to life mixed up with abortion. Men have a woman to contend with as House Speaker now, and other likely contenders for President. Some women are more rebellious than others, needless to say. Some women have sold out, so they will not appear too threatening or likely to rock the boat. I see the Democratic Party as too timid to try anything that its power brokers think would threaten chances for the big prize.

Free Soil is meant to be anything but timid; this party challenges everything imaginable. Men do have a few good ideas, some arguably useful for some purposes, but the rest ought more likely get thrown out than reformed. Men will be allowed to post here, unless a moderator decides a man had nothing of value to say. This is not an arena for madmen or fools, and will be moderated to some extent because of what the likes of them can do to free discussion. For now, that means all comments will have to wait for approval. That is subject to change, depending on circumstances and available options. The blog itself will be evolving in appearance, links, sidebar features. This is a new blog, as of January 2007. I am new to blogging, though I have been posting infrequently online for several years. Most of the home site went live before 2000. The first post is the current latest article on the home site, One Messed Up Value System.

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This was edited on July 5, 2007 to add the disclaimer immediately above and the bit about Heart running for President, which she announced on her blog July 4, 2007.

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