Japanese Reactor Blows its Top

I weep for this planet. Japanese scientists say this could not be another Chernobyl, but already one reactor building has exploded and it is believed a meltdown is in progress. Will scientists ever learn their lesson, to stop trying to pretend they can handle the worst Nature can dish out? Nobody can tell me this was not inevitable. It could happen in any earthquake prone area, including California where I live. I expect to get a nice dose of fallout before this is all over. Thanks, scientists. Thanks a million.

Bloomberg has one story about the developing disaster.

Explosion Destroys Walls of Japanese Nuclear Reactor Building, NHK Reports
By Yuji Okada – Mar 12, 2011 1:15 AM PT

An explosion occurred at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station north of Tokyo, destroying the walls of the No. 1 reactor building, NHK Television said. The report came after the government said a reactor may be melting.

Smoke was rising around the nuclear reactor after an aftershock from yesterday’s quake struck, Ryohei Shiomi, a spokesman at the country’s nuclear safety agency said by phone.

The spokesman said several people were injured during an aftershock that struck around 3:30 p.m. Japan time, adding he had no further information. Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the plant, said it had no information, when contacted by Bloomberg News.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said earlier that a nuclear reactor in the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station, about 220 kilometers (140 miles) north of Tokyo, may be starting to melt down after Japan’s biggest earthquake on record hit the area yesterday.

Fuel rods at the No. 1 reactor at the plant run by Tokyo Electric Power Co. may be melting after radioactive Cesium material left by atomic fission was detected near the site, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, spokesman Yuji Kakizaki said by phone today.

“If the fuel rods are melting and this continues, a reactor meltdown is possible,” Kakizaki said. A meltdown refers to a heat buildup in the core of such an intensity it melts the floor of the reactor containment housing.

And President Obama thinks we need more nuclear power plants! Shut them all down, I say, the sooner the better!

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